AQUOION Four BED Deionizers

CACA & ACAMB Series Demineraliser / Deionizer

CACA: This model is specially designed & introduced as cost effective to treat the hard water having TDS upto 1000 ppm by deminerlisation with low budget. It is a better alternate for the hard water to avoid budgetory RO system for reduction of ions. 

By model, the plant is a combination of two sets of cation & anion resin columns, employed one after the other. The water, drawn from this model will have high purity as it is treated twice in series. Before final demineralisation is undertaken, the feed hard water must be made free as fully as possible of dissolved solids. This is ensured by passing water through the first set of cation & anion resin columns to reduce the maximum load of ions, and then; the partially treated water is directed to a second set for further demineralisation. By dosing so, the hard water is treated completely free from all ions.

ACAMB: In Four Bed Demineraliser, the water is first treated with Activated carbon filtration for removal of colour, odour and suspended impurities, followed by Cation & Anion ion-exchanger for removal of dissolved ions present in the feed and to get the treated water Electrical conductivity of < 10 micromho/cm ; and then it is directed to the mixed bed resin column for further purification and to get the desired water conductivity of <1 micromho/cm .


  • PVC|FRP| MSFRP Vertical column, charged with Activated granular carbon for removal of color, odour and free chlorine from the filtered water
  • High exchange capacity Cation & Anion resin charged in PVC|FRP |MSFRP Columns
  • Cation & Anion resin in mixed form charged in PVC|FRP | MSFRP column (MB) Handheld Digital TDS /
    conductivity meter water
  • Frontal pipe line in PVC / CPVC Pipes & valves for easy operation & regeneration
  • Columns are housed in an attractive corrosion proof mild steel powder coated base frame.
  • Electrically operated magnetic air pump for resin mixing
Treatment Flow-rate
05 ~ 5010 ~7020 ~ 10030 ~ 20060 ~ 30080 ~ 500
Working Pressure
0.5 ~ 2.51.0 ~ 2.51.0 ~ 2.51.5 ~ 2.52.0 ~ 2.52.0 ~ 3.0
PH Value 6.5 ~ 9.56.5 ~ 9.56.5 ~ 9.56.5 ~ 9.56.5 ~ 9.56.5 ~ 9.5
Treated water Quality
(E.C us/cm)