TBD Series Demineraliser / Deionizer

Two-bed deionizers have two vessels, the first vessel containing cation resin followed by a separate vessel containing anion resin. AQUOION Series Two bed deionizers utilize high exchange capacity cation & anion resin columns which are highly efficient means of removing dissolved minerals and solids to produce high purity DM water. AQUOION portable series of pre-assembled systems aid in the production of a continuous supply of high purity deionized water.

AQUOION Industrial series deionizers can be designed in flow rate ranging  between 1000 and 25000 liters/hr, Regeneration of the system is initiated by conductivity, time, and/or totalised flow. The deionizers can be supplied in combination with a full range of options and related equipment to provide a fully integrated water purification system.

  • PVC I FRP columns, charged separately with high exchange capacity cation & anion resin.
  • Analog I Digital conductivity meter with alarm -to monitor the quality of treated water.
  • PVC flexible tube with necessary PP connectors for inlet & outlet.
  • All are housed in a trolley mounted, corrosion proof powder coated mild steel skid for mobility.
  • A chemical proof FRP tank for regeneration.
Treatment Flow-rate
05 ~ 5010 ~7020 ~ 10030 ~ 20060 ~ 30080 ~ 500
Working Pressure
0.5 ~ 2.51.0 ~ 2.51.0 ~ 2.51.5 ~ 2.52.0 ~ 2.52.0 ~ 3.0
PH Value 6.5 ~ 9.56.5 ~ 9.56.5 ~ 9.56.5 ~ 9.56.5 ~ 9.56.5 ~ 9.5
Treated water Quality
(E.C us/cm)